Brand introduction
On April 14, 1868, Peter Behrens was born in Hamburg.

Leader of outdoor articles in Europe, which dedicated to promote concept of “quality life” & “liberal journey life” since it is founded. 

In 1904, he participated in the organization of the German Industrial Alliance, promoted industrial design ideas in various circles, and urged people from all walks of life in art, industry, technology, and trade to jointly promote the "quality of industrial products." The slogan of the Industrial Alliance is "quality products."

In 1907, Behrens opened his own design office, and a group of modernist design masters came to study under Behrens, including the founder of Bauhaus design, Walter Gropes and Mies van der Luo, the important representative of modern architecture and urban planning, Le Corbusier, they further developed Behrens's design concept and gradually matured modernist design ideas.

In 1940, a group of young followers of Peter Behrens founded the industrial design brand "DNOBO" under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. The brand follows the design philosophy of Peter Behrens: functionalism, safety protection, and abandoning the cumbersome decoration – emphasizing the shape and function of the product, the shape is simple, using new materials and new forms.

After more than half a century of development, the "DNOBO" brand has been widely involved in military, construction, home, light industry and other fields, and has long enjoyed a good reputation.

In 2001, China ushered in “DNOBO”. Germany's Denburg established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong. The company adheres to the German industrial design style, selects German imported materials, maintains German modular welding technology, and perfectly designs unique industrial designs and bags. Fusion. In 2008, the first fully airtight waterproof backpack with IPx8 waterproof rating was produced for use in sea rescue and escape.

DNOBO as a revolution outdoor articles promoter, its products was sold all over the world. With the development of China, DNOBO global market schedule. So far, DNOBO owns a branched sole cooperation in China called DNOBO outdoor co, which mainly in Europe market development first, and then preparing for developing Asian market. In order to provide prospective and personalised professional products, DNOBO established deeply strategic cooperation with DNOBO Sports Inc. by professional welding technology & professional enterprise management mode & Classical European and American designs transferring. Moreover, DNOBO also grants DNOBO Sports Inc. as the unique manufacturer and brand operator in China to achieve mutual goal: to create more products that are suitable for Chinese habits and preference. DNOBO also ally with DNOBO Sports Inc. to sponsor and support China & Europe outdoor sports & health & nation defence etc. stuffs. DNOBO is confident on creating better and better articles & service in the future for people’s fantastic journey and quality life! DNOBO(Germany) is willing to grow up together with China forever: step by step, one goes far.